What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a UNIQUE high value employee benefit. At its basic level, direct primary care means the doctor works directly for the patient. No private insurance, no medicaid, no medicare, no middlemen. Because we see fewer patients, we are able to provide your employees with an incredible level of personal care. Everything we do in the office is covered 100% by their employer sponsored membership fee–no insurance, no red tape, no surprises. Direct primary care is NOT health insurance. Employers are encouraged to have health insurance, and employers often find a lower cost, higher deductible insurance plan works well with direct primary care. However, having health insurance is not a requirement for membership.

Why Beyond Primary Care for your Business?

As a small business, I know it is challenging to provide affordable health care to businesses.  As a physician, I also know that having health insurance does not guarantee health care. Our mission at Beyond Primary Care is to deliver excellent, affordable, and accessible healthcare to our members. 

Being a member of Beyond Primary Care means that your business is committed to being a part of a membership model of healthcare and long term relationships. If you’re looking for a one-time service, Beyond Primary Care probably is not the right fit for you. However, if your business is looking for a dependable physician who is responsive to your employees’ calls, texts, and emails at anytime of day, who cares about your employees as individuals and not as another number, then Beyond Primary Care will be a great fit for you.


Direct Primary Care practices are a paradigm shift in healthcare. Employers -namely CFO’s and HR leaders- are desperately seeking innovative solutions to reduce healthcare costs in a way that doesn’t involve shifting the cost burden to the employees and their families.

Building benefits from care up by first insuring high level access to primary care physicians addresses the main drivers of increasing cost AND is perceived by employees as a premium benefit.

Specific Benefits of Direct Primary Care:

  • Attract and Retain Employees
  • Build Loyalty
  • Improve Productivity through Healthier Employees
  • Reduction in Emergency Room Visits
  • Reduction in Hospitalization
  • Reduction in Urgent Care Visits
  • Reduction in Specialist Visits


Having health insurance is great, but healthcare without access or continuity is tantamount to rationing. The healthcare industry should provide a level of customer service commensurate with every other industry in the United States, so why are we settling for less? If we want employees to be proactive about their health and efficient with healthcare utilization, then the virtually unlimited access provided by direct primary care can create appropriate incentive to use primary care services.


Traditional health plans repeat the same thing over, and over again. There is no cost management- only cost shifting to those least able to pay. A partial, or fully self-insured model in conjunction with Direct Primary Care results in a 30-60% reduction in healthcare costs. 


Think of Beyond Primary Care as your key health advisor. The goal is to maximize employee health and minimize cost to the employer. For the first time the employer, employee, and healthcare provider’s interests are aligned. That’s a concept that has never been a reality for employers…until now.


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