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In-House Medication Dispensary Saves Money


10 October 2018

Did Beyond Primary Care mention that we have an in-house medication dispensary that saves money to our patients? Check out the pricing comparison of a common antibiotic, Penicillin, that is used for many ailments such as strep throat. Don’t worry if you have a penicillin allergy, we have affordable alternatives also! This can save our patients hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. How you may ask?


We buy medications wholesale. We then have our drug control license, that many traditional doctor offices refuse to get either due to contractual or logistic limitations. Another advantage of enrolling with a Direct Primary Care doctor. We then of course pass the savings on to you!


If you want to think differently about health care come join us! Not only are we personable, we work hard to save our patient’s $$$$.

Insured but Worried about Rising Health Care Costs


9 October 2018

At Beyond Primary Care, we hear this story a lot: “I am insured but am worried about rising health care costs.” Employees are paying more for health insurance face serious concerns about how they will pay their medical bills in the event they actually need care. For example, more and more people are enrolled in plans with high deductibles. In 2010, one in 10 workers with single-person health insurance coverage had a plan that required a deductible of $2,000 or more. By 2018, one in four did.

Traditional doctor’s offices, where charges are often opaque and disclosed only after services are rendered, leave many people apprehensive about actually using their insurance. In an August 2018 survey, 37 percent of people with employer coverage said they have received a bill for health care costs that they were NOT expecting. Either because they thought their insurance would cover it, or the insurer would foot a larger part of the bill.

Patient’s preferences- for convenience, fast but thorough service, connectivity and price transparency- are making many adults with employer-sponsored insurance turn towards a constellation of alternative services as they face rising costs. Healthy employees still need coordinated and longitudinal care, someone who knows them. A recent report in JAMA Internal Medicine found that nearly half of patients who sought treatment at an urgent care clinic for a cold, the flu, or similar respiratory ailment left with an unnecessary and potentially harmful prescription for antibiotics.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With an employer sponsored membership at Beyond Primary Care, our goal is to maximize employee health and minimize costs. Please contact us today or make an appointment to learn more about Beyond Primary Care.

Direct Primary Care is NOT Concierge Medicine


3 October 2018

In this video I am answering a common question that I receive, so much so that I have added it to my FAQ page, and that is what are the differences between Direct Primary Care medicine and Concierge Medicine? A lot of people may unknowingly alternate between these terms, but these terms are not synonymous.


Direct Primary Care’s goal is to return as much value to our patients in exchange for the membership by being transparent about the true costs of services. Think Southwest Airlines,” as way of comparison. Southwest provides air travel accessible to everyone with a whole different vibe.” With Direct Primary Care, and specifically Beyond Primary Care in Ann Arbor, practices aren’t “changing the medicine, but changing the way we consume it.”



Direct Primary Care, Explained.


2 October 2018

Hi and thank you for your interest in Direct Primary Care (DPC). Our clinic, Beyond Primary Care, is part of a doctor movement to improve access to our patients. Patients get more personalized care. Patients may also save money on insurance if they can pair their direct primary care membership with a cheaper, high-deductible policy.


The main reason many people cannot afford health care is because it’s too dang expensive. Most patients will seek DPC because they could not afford insurance premiums and/or out-of-pocket expenses under the current system. Watch me explain more about Direct Primary Care and how patients can save money.


Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance. In fact, we recommend all our patients have some type of insurance as accidents may happen. Insurance is absolutely necessary for certain types of care. Some events and conditions are inherently expensive. However, hypertension management and radiation treatment for brain cancer are radically different things. Why should we pay for them in the exact same manner? With Beyond Primary Care, I am delivering a higher level of care at a known priceIf you can not afford insurance, direct primary care is an affordable healthcare option.