Month: September 2018

Your Doctor Visits Just Got Easier


24 September 2018

Beyond Primary Care, a new direct primary care clinic serving the Ann Arbor area has launched!


Unlike traditional primary care practices, Beyond Primary Care is a direct primary care facility. It’s unique business model makes quality healthcare affordable to people whether they have insurance or not. Direct primary care brings healthcare back to what it once was- a service dedicated to patient care and not paperwork or hassles.


Beyond Primary Care does not bill insurance companies. This means Dr. O’Boyle is free to work directly with the patient without worrying about billing codes and the ensuing insurance battles. Patients will receive high-quality care without the high-quality price tag. No insurance codes, no long wait times, direct communication, no worries. Beyond Primary Care offers most labs and medications provided in-office are offered at greatly reduced prices for the members.


To learn more about Beyond Primary Care’s DPC facility or to take a tour of our facility, contact or stop by the office. We are located at 2500 Packard St, Suite 105, Ann Arbor Michigan. Our phone number is (734) 395-2850.

11 Days Until Lift-Off!


13 September 2018

11 Days from today Beyond Primary Care will officially open its doors!

11 Days from today I will have the chance to practice affordable and comprehensive family medicine.

11 Days from today the people of Ann Arbor and surround towns will have an option to get that price transparency and peace of mind we all seek in healthcare providers.

As you can see, the office space is coming together. I still have to hang a few pictures and equipment on the walls.

If you are interested in making a pre-enrollment appointment to learn more, please contact me at